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Founder of Language Learners Journal & The Positively Productive Project

About Me

Hello, bonjour, hola, 你好, latcho divvus…


Welcome to the Positivity Productive Project ! It's for anyone interested in learning languages, journaling and self-development.


I'm Trisha. My background is in psychological research and wellbeing, with the focus being on positive and cognitive psychology (and history too). In my spare time I love learning new languages and playing hide ‘n’ seek… Jumping out on my husband and family when they least expect it!


My mission is to inspire and motivate language learners, whilst sharing my own experiences and language learning goals too. I do not consider myself a polyglot, but rather a ‘polynot’. I can scrape by in at least 5 languages. As long as I can order food and coffee in my target language then I am happy.


Current Languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French & British Sign Language (BSL).


The 'Positively Productive Project' from Language Learners Journal is ongoing research focusing on how positive psychology can improve our language learning and self-development.


In addition to my research, my goal is to motivate and inspire language learning. Sharing our goals and experiences in a supportive online language learning community.


I believe in order to be a successful language learner and achieve our goals we need self-belief, determination and perseverance.


If you like what we’re doing here, we’d love for you to get involved... be it by guest posting or sponsoring opportunities!


Thank you for stopping by and showing interest in my site


I’d love to hear about your own language learning experiences and goals.


I read all the comments posted on my blogs as well as those left for me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


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From time-to-time this site may contain affiliate links and advertising. This means that I may get paid commission if you click on some of the links or buy a product. This will be at no extra cost to you. If anything due to the relationships I have established with my affliates you might even save some money. Money raised will go towards hosting this site, my blog and setting up language learning projects in my local communities and online. All opinions are that of my own. I only recommend products and services that I personally use and also feel would be a valuable asset to other language learners.



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